Friday, August 9, 2013

People need help. I can help them

I will be opening an account at lending soon. It will start with $1000.

 After all of the loans are done I will evaluate if I will continue to use their services.

I currently use for my main brokerage account. I learned about the other day, so now I am researching whether to switch or just open up another account.

I still plan on using motif but I need to finish planning out the thirty stocks that will comprise my basket.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Considering motifinvesting

I recently learned about a site called

They offer a great solution to people who are searching for a value oriented method to purchase a basket of stocks.

You can select an already made package and even tweak it or go ahead and make your own collection from scratch.

My Money Acorn is planted.

   Starting out small but it's better to get the ball rolling now than never at all.

   About a month and a half has gone by since starting my new focus towards saving and investing for retirement and future sources of income.

 The current future income/investment amount from dividends now is almost at $0.25 a day. Miniscule by most people's standards, but it sure beats the big fat goose egg I received each morning.

Now I have a shiny new quarter figuratively speaking every day hopefully for the rest of my life.